At HSB™ Government Relations we have one goal: make political engagement simple.

We match domestic and overseas businesses with all levels of New Zealand’s political ecosystem: Members of Parliament, Ministers, advisors, officials, regulators and everyone in between.

 Photo Credit: Te Humeka Waikato Maori Business Network

Photo Credit: Te Humeka Waikato Maori Business Network

It is our job to stay up-to-date with political announcements and policy development to ensure your business can respond effortlessly to sector change: expected or otherwise.

Proudly based in Waikato, we represent clients across the length and breadth of Aotearoa.

Operating on a non-partisan basis, we maintain relationships and facilitate access with all political parties.

Thinking of political engagement? Think HSB™ Government Relations.


Government relations, or "lobbying" as it is more commonly known, invokes images of silver haired aristocrats, sitting around a large oak table, setting the agenda for the rest of us to live.

Determined to change people’s perception of the industry, Holly Bennett established HSB™ Government Relations to ensure more New Zealanders could access meaningful and affordable government relations advice.

 Photo Credit: HSB Government Relations

Photo Credit: HSB Government Relations

Since opening its doors in 2017, HSB™ Government Relations has worked with a range of award winning New Zealand businesses. Some of our early adopters regularly feature in national papers, on network news and have incorporated political planning into their annual planning.

Choosing HSB™ Government Relations means choosing a firm devoted to political engagement.

We do what we know: make political engagement simple.


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