Government Relations Assistance Boosts Banqer Mission

Banqer is a financial education platform that provides a hands-on environment for teachers and students to get curious, creative, and ultimately, confident with money.

Client: Banqer
Services: Government Relations

School is meant to equip kids with the skills needed to lead productive and healthy lives, but a common cry from young adults today is that they never learnt basic skills such as how to file taxes, how retirement savings work, and other financial situations they’ll encounter throughout their lives. Enter Banqer, an online financial literacy platform that’s been rolling out in New Zealand schools, designed to teach Kiwi kids just that. Kendall Flutey (Ngāi Tahu), the co-founder and CEO, launched Banqer in 2015 and to date, the platform has enriched over 70,000 kids with financial literacy skills.

Engaging government relations assistance was a no-brainer for Kendall once she reached out to HSB and begun learning the basics of government relations. Banqer’s inherent social focus mean that working with, rather than just alongside, government was a natural fit for what they were trying to achieve

“Before engaging with HSB, we worked sort of in isolation from government agencies and bodies.”

“We did get involved when they put out opportunities, but there wasn’t much strategy to it and we didn’t have a bespoke relationship with anyone. After tour first session we started to realise the broader picture, and that we could achieve far greater impact working in tandem with government. Government relations has been really beneficial in the sense that it has helped us to better understand who has influence over our space and be able to engage with them.

There were tangible outcomes quite quickly, meeting with people we wanted to meet with. With HSB, we walked into meetings with ministers and politicians feeling prepared and informed and we walk out of them feeling accomplished. We know how to ask for what we want and how to ask the right questions, so the outputs are pretty awesome.

The neat thing about HSB is that they’re flexible and have packages and services to suit a variety of businesses, but especially those that are smaller. And Holly’s made something that was really intimidating into something that’s really accessible and exciting.”

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