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Client: CreativeHQ
Services: Government Relations

CreativeHQ is a trailblazer in the innovation realm, spearheading the movement towards a better, smarter, and more creative public sector. Senior Innovation Specialist and Programmes Director Jonnie Haddon has been leveraging government relations assistance to reach those who’ll benefit from the programmes most.

“We were doing some pretty cool and important work, but we weren’t getting the traction that we had hoped for. We decided that we needed to be a bit more strategic about communicating to our audience, and we also decided that it was important to have relationships at a high level.”

“We've definitely increased our profile at the ministerial level, which was one of our initial key goals.”

“We did get involved when they put out opportunities, but there wasn’t much strategy to it and we didn’t have a bespoke relationship with anyone. After tour first session we started to realise the broader picture, and that we could achieve far greater impact working in tandem with government. Government relations has been really beneficial in the sense that it has helped us to better understand who has influence over our space and be able to engage with them.

There were tangible outcomes quite quickly, meeting with people we wanted to meet with. With HSB, we walked into meetings with ministers and politicians feeling prepared and informed and we walk out of them feeling accomplished. We know how to ask for what we want and how to ask the right questions, so the outputs are pretty awesome.

The neat thing about HSB is that they’re flexible and have packages and services to suit a variety of businesses, but especially those that are smaller. And Holly’s made something that was really intimidating into something that’s really accessible and exciting.”

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