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Founded in 2010, Te Hūmeka Māori Business Network’s (Te Hūmeka) mission is to support all Māori to realise their economic aspirations, and achieve financial prosperity

Client: Te Hūmeka
Services: Government Relations

Te Hūmeka is on a mission to empower, connect, and support Māori businesses in the Waikato to realise their economic aspirations and achieve financial prosperity. Founding member Kim Hill is passionate about a vibrant, values-based platform that underpins strong economic development. Turns out, so does the current Government – so Kim’s taken a strategic approach to score wins for both sides. With the Government focused on regional economic development, Kim saw an opportunity to get Te Hūmeka involved.

“HSB is definitely my go-to when I think about anything to do with government relations”

“We’re a Māori economic development agency, so to hear through the media that the government has made this a priority meant that we needed to find a way to link in to it. We needed to make sure we could approach it in a smart way in order to really serve our community.

”For an under-resourced not-for-profit, the biggest focal point is learning how to tap into the resources and support on offer and creating value from it. HSB’s extensive experience with the political realm and knack for communication gave Te Hūmeka the extra edge when it came to refining their approach.

“Holly knows how to pitch your case really well, so she made sure that our story and pitch were actually compelling for the audience. Another thing that she’s really good at is timing, knowing when it’s suitable to put something in front of an organisation or politicians that she has a relationship, whether we’re formally engaged or not. She’s really proactive in that regard.”

Although much of Te Hūmeka’s engagement has been project-based, their relationship with HSB has remained consistently active.

Kim sits on a number of governance boards in addition to Te Hūmeka, and recommends that commercial enterprises or any other not-forprofits in the same position as Te Hūmeka also engage in government relations.

“Wherever there is opportunity to access funding, you should consider government relations assistance to help you achieve your goals. HSB is definitely my go-to when I think about anything to do with government relations. I’ve been impressed with her work and would definitely refer her.”

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