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Ultrafast Fibre building political connections

Ultrafast Fibre is leading New Zealand’s ultra fast broadband revolution. Ultrafast is focused on enabling more New Zealanders to tap into all the benefits that UFB brings.

Client: Ultrafast Fibre
Services: Government Relations

Ultrafast Fibre is leading the fibre revolution in the central North Island. They’re bridging the divide to create connected, thriving, and growing communities with access to the world at their fingertips. Their General Counsel, Hiramai Rogers (Te Arawa), has found that HSB’s knack for relationship-building fit perfectly with their goals.

“Her relationships with people across parliament are seconds to none. Wherever she goes, she is well received”

“At the time, we were talking about how we could get in front of stakeholders in Wellington. We just wanted to get our name out there to them since we have a Crown shareholder, and we were told to go and talk to them, but weren’t exactly sure how to go about it.”

At that time Holly had connected with CEO on LinkedIn, and the fact she was based locally was a big draw. Ultrafast Fibre had begun wrapping up part of their build and Hiramai was reviewing legislation around it.

“It was really helpful to develop relationships then. Something that Holly really helped with was helping me understand the process around select committee and submissions.”

“Having relationships with politicians meant that when it came to making decisions, they had a clear understanding of who we were and what our position and scope was.”

Hiramai has said that having the advice of HSB has given their team the confidence of knowing what to say and ask for in certain situations when meeting with politicians, due to the increased awareness of processes and insights that someone looking from the outside in wouldn’t have.

“Holly’s biggest strength is that she does things the way you want to do them. She’s earned our trust and we never have cause to doubt what Holly tells us. Her relationships with people across Parliament are second to none.

“Wherever she goes, she is well-received and she brings a human element to government relations. It lets you step out of the politician-client dynamic and into a more personable space.”

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