Our most sought after and subscribed-to program, designed for New Zealand and overseas entities with specific lobbying goals. GOVPRO provides ongoing strategic representation and engagement in Wellington.

With GOVPRO, you can:

  • navigate new or proposed legislation;

  • be heard during Government consultation processes;

  • pitch a new, innovative idea to Government and officials;

  • follow up on campaign promises;

  • lean on us as your confidential, political sounding board, plus more.

Our GOVPRO tiers are based on your business size, turnover and servicing needs. As a general guide for businesses:

  • GOVPRO Gold is suitable for businesses with 50 + staff requiring intensive servicing.

  • GOVPRO Silver is suitable for 21 - 50 staff with modest servicing needs.

  • GOVPRO Bronze suitable for 1 - 20 staff with light servicing needs.

Delivered on a monthly retainer, for a minimum of three months, our GOVPRO offering provides maximum value to businesses looking to bolster their government relations capability and secure the best political engagement pathways.

Ask us whether our GOVPRO offering is right for you!



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