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LOBBYMAX is a comprehensive, written engagement plan tailored to meet your own goals and specifications.

Designed for businesses, and local and regional councils, LOBBYMAX starts with a one-to-one session where we scope the shape of your engagement.

Once the brief is shaped, our consultants work on a personalised plan which you can action and implement at your own pace.

LOBBYMAX is designed for those who are looking to build on their own knowledge of the public sector but might not have the capacity available to produce a written, strategic plan.

You will gain:

  • an in depth understanding of the intricacies of government relations;

  • personalised templates for pitching;

  • frameworks for communicating with the public service;

  • knowledge around the right people to approach, and

  • the processes for how best to do so.

Ask us about getting your LOBBYMAX plan started now!