PR: HSB Government Relations - Wellington politicians battle it out in lively debate


More than 120 Wellingtonians attended the State of Affairs: A Political Debate held at Parliament on Wednesday evening.

Six politicians from across the political spectrum debated the moot: “Wellington City Council is more important to Wellingtonians than central Government”. The audience, ranging from millennial university students to local businesspeople, avidly watched as politicians let loose with banter and verbal sparring in a lively and humorous debate.

The winner of the debate was decided by the crowd by way of applause, with the negating team - composed of MPs James Shaw, Nicola Willis, and Greg O’Connor - taking home the bragging rights.

Event sponsors N5 Consulting and Wellington Chamber of Commerce noted the energy of the speakers and the turnout as highlights.

John Loau of N5 Consulting said, “It was definitely a good night and the humour was there as well as some good debate points. There’s a really good turnout too, it’s good to see everybody here.”


Wellington Chamber of Commerce’s Chief Executive John Milford and his colleagues agreed. “It was informative and funny, it was great to see the politicians not take themselves so seriously.”

“Unfacilitated, hearty and respectful debate is somewhat of a rarity in politics these days, so we are grateful to our speakers who really turned up the dial,” Holly Bennett, director of HSB Government Relations says.

Photos from the event are free to be shared, and can be viewed here.