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New Zealand Budget: will anyone ever invest in the backbone of the New Zealand economy?

Yesterday, the government handed down New Zealand’s first ever Wellbeing Budget, which was said to be “measuring and focussing on what New Zealanders value – the health of our people and our environment, the strengths of our communities and the prosperity of our nation.” Given that what someone values can differ wildly from from person to person, the Wellbeing Budget was always going to mean different things to different people.

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You're Invited: Councillors face off against MPs for Wellingtonians’ affection

HSB Government Relations is proud to host State of Affairs: A Political Debate in Wellington on 17 April. Three city councillors will go up against three Members of Parliament to debate if local body politics or central government decisions have more bearing on the wellbeing of New Zealand’s capital city. Limited free tickets remain.

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[Tui's Newest Ad] In Aotearoa it is easy to define the perpetators of racism. Yeah right.

Another day, another opinion piece. Given this is not strictly related to New Zealand politics, while penning this I thought maybe I should keep my opinions to myself. But then a fellow LinkedInite reminded me just yesterday, "be brave and voice your opinion, it's only when this happens that people can 'think outside the box'."

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